Oct 15, 2017

On Quality - the Zen of Internet Maintenance

robert_pirsig_zen_of_motocycle_maintenance When I talk to friends (of my father) who have read Robert Pirsig’s Zen of Motorcycle maintenance, they all say it had a profound effect on them back in the 70s. Looking around, sometimes it seems the early tech of the 20th century was built primarily by people who Robert Pirsig influenced with his writing. But it has been 40 years since the book was published - where are we now?

May 2, 2017

Un appel à tous les français d’Amérique.

Vous allez voter pour Macron et vous pensez avoir accompli votre devoir de citoyen. Bien que je ne sois pas à vos yeux le messager le plus probable, je suis la pour vous dire que cela n’est pas suffisant. Voyez-vous ma famille vit actuellement sur la côte ouest des Etats-Unis. Bien que je ne sois pas français, j’essaie de faire valoir un point de vue, qui au-delà de toutes attentes, sera proches de situations qui vous sont familières.

Oct 4, 2016

True Managerial Intentions

Why the Boss wants you to build that software in-house? I recently watched a youtube video of a technical manager, Justin Coffey, from Criteo demoing the in-house Business Intelligence tool his team had built. It is a great presentation. Justin actually lists reasons why his team decided to build its own tool; all are good reasons except none answer why would they reinvent something when a better tool already exists.

Jul 6, 2016

Why start a Data Consulting Business and become a Looker partner?

Recently I left my best job thus far, the job at Looker, to found a consulting company. Naturally there were a lot of factors at play, but the biggest gravitational pull there was due to Looker. Looker to me is one of those technologies that everyone just wants to build on top of because:

  • it is cool
  • it is permanent